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In Lol Fuller’s Functionalist Concept of Law he states that among other conditions ‘…rules must not require conduct beyond the power of the affected parties’

In that light AMA is here to be your final stop for all your legal compliance requirements.

Just give us a call and you are sorted; no bureaucracy, no book an appointment with the boss, no let me connect you to the relevant office. Simple straight forward, all within your power.

Our Specialities


We have certified professional mediators at AMA who at the clients consent attempt mediation procedures before rushing to litigation.

At AMA we understand that litigation can often be time consuming, expensive and the results most often favour one party. It is for this reason that we have a fully-fledged mediation department that solves all client disputes in a fast, professional and binding manner.


The team at AMA have an in-depth understanding of the credit approval process by banks and SACCOs.

It is for this reason that we provide securitization services for both banks and other lenders including for diaspora clients whose special needs we understand.


The firm has expertise in structuring joint ventures and other real estate developments.

We further advice and guide our clients through environmental compliance and project financing.

We cooperate with valuers, surveyors, physical planners and government agencies to ease conveyancing and real estate projects that often appear long and bureaucratic to the client.


Our commercial and corporate law practice cuts across financial services, capital markets, telecommunications, energy, mining, education and technology.


We at AMA have a team of experienced advocates who focus on meeting our client’s litigation needs.

We work in conjunction with the judiciary to ensure timely service delivery; we further ensure that our clients are always updated on all proceedings.


In addition to the many hard working Kenyans who are employed in various sectors and those who provide employment to their fellow citizens, we acknowledge the increased presence of foreign staff in our country which is attributed to Kenya being a leading regional investment and industrialization hub.

It is for this purpose that we have a department to assist in acquiring work permits, solving labour related disputes and all other employment related solutions.


The substance of Kenyan law is contained in acts of parliament; County Governments through their County Assemblies also have their various legislation as do Companies with Policy Documents.

Every so often there are circumstances that necessitate the amendment of existing legislation or even the drafting of entire bills.

At AMA we have a wealth of experience in amending and drafting laws and policies. We work in consultation with the Kenya Law Review Commission to draft legislation and policies as instructed.


The team often takes up matters pro bono for deserving clients who are financially deprived.

This is AMA’s little way of meeting our Corporate Social Responsibility.


Our firm is founded on a culture of ethics and professionalism. It is run and led by young professionals who have an eye for the gaps that the system has often overlooked, among such gaps is foreign investment in Kenya, be it by its citizens who work and reside abroad or foreigners who would like to own a piece of this beautiful land, the system has failed to create a framework where willing investors can either buy, sell, develop or even lease out land in a transparent and straight forward manner free of bribes and years of waiting for document processing.

Many Kenyans living in the diaspora leave behind plots of land that are often disused. There is no legal obligation on family or friends to care for the property hence it often goes unattended and ends up becoming a mass of overgrown bushes. Some have had it worse where their property has even been sold to third parties without their knowledge.

Here at Ashreen Matthews Associates we work with our various partners in the Real Estate, Financial Sector and Government to facilitate the process of leasing out your land to our large network of potential investors and developers. From agricultural leases that span for periods of only one year to commercial leases that span for more than 10 years.

The inverse also applies, through our firm you can invest in the real estate sector in Kenya without breaking a sweat. You can buy or even lease land without having to worry that the prices have been inflated by unscrupulous friends and relatives, or even about the often long and tiresome registration processes.

We advise on the best investment models to meet your individual needs, we take you through all the stages in the process which include land identification, costing and financial facilities available, applicable taxes, documentation, and general viability of the entire transaction.

We carry out all due diligence to ensure that all our processes are legal, fair and beyond reproach. We have a wealth of experience in local conveyancing processes and as such have the machinery to ensure speedy and satisfactory transactions

Committed to helping our clients succeed

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